Case Study #2 - PC Platform Rollout


The Problem

Lennox Head Medical centre had 13 HP Pavillion PC’s running Windows 2000  Professional. These PC’s were beyond their warranty period and were  struggling with the demands of the new business line application. The  PC’s would either perform slowly of even lock up leading to both  frustration for the users, loss of productivity and therefore loss of  revenue.

The Solution  

Replace the existing PC platform and create a standard operating  environment (SOE) based on windows XP Open Office and core applications,  with all drivers for Lenovo PC and various peripherals.

Once the master image had been created it was deployed to one PC for pilot testing. The image was modified and streamlined.

The master image was uploaded to the server using Acronis Tru Image.

Then a test deployment took place to the 3 reception PC’s, by deploying  directly from the network image again using Acronis software. After a  week of testing and tweaking the final image was established.

Finally all PC’s were deployed taking advantage of vacant consulting  rooms. Each PC took approximately 30 minutes to deploy the image,  configure and test

The Result

15 PC’s deployed over a period of one week for a total of 15hrs of on  site time. No downtime and all users migrated to a SOE with all standard  applications and peripherals operating. Minimal disruption to workflow  and no loss of revenue to the customer, increased performance and  productivity. A hidden bonus has seen the client’s power bill drop  dramatically through lower power consumption of the Lenovo PC’s, further  reducing their carbon footprint.