Case Study #1 – Server Implementation

The Problem

Lennox Head Medical Centre had a  mixture of server architecture that was in excess of 5 years old, out of  warranty and beyond their already extended lifecycle. There was both  Windows and Linux platforms that the site found difficult to maintain  without outside help. They also had a range of demands that their  existing system could not handle effectively.

     ·   Backup process seems complicated for users

     ·   Disparity in desktop OS and internet security apps

     ·   Consolidation of IT documentation

     ·   Scanning of medical records

     ·   Reliability / Availability / Disaster Recovery / Ease of use

     ·   Compliance

     ·   Security

     ·   Considering migration to either Best Practice or MD3 in conjunction with server upgrade

The Challenge 

To complete the implementation of a  new hardware and software platform whilst keeping the practice  operational, minimizing downtime and disruption.

The Solution 

By leveraging the existing server  architecture it was possible to migrate the active directory structure  by performing a swing migration to a full Windows 2003 SBS domain. The  servers we able to be run in parallel allowing a rollback position in  the event of any unforeseen problems. Another advantage of a swing  migration is that there is virtually no time restriction allowing much  of the project work to be performed in normal working hours minimizing  cost and inconvenience to the customer. Downtime is restricted to the  time taken to reboot a server which can be scheduled to again minimize  inconvenience.

With the migration complete to the new  hard ware and SBS domain, the redundant servers cold be taken offline  but again were kept available as a fallback should there be any issue.

The Result 

Consolidating the server platform by  reducing 3 servers to 2 has brought about a number of benefits.   Reducing overall power consumption has lead to increased uptime of  existing UPS equipment and reduced the carbon footprint. Eliminating a  Linux mail server has produced a unified Windows domain. The site has  also seen improved secure remote access to all business line  applications including collaborative tools such as email and SharePoint  services. Improved reporting and alerting increased performance and  productivity.  

Sophos SBE 2.5 Computer Security Suite  has been deployed to protect desktops servers and email (Exchange) from  virus, malware/spyware and spam.

All of the clients’ requirements were  addressed resulting in a harmonious productive environment where the IT  infrastructure is an asset to their business.