3G network is closing

You may not be aware that Australia’s 3G network is closing and the three largest telcos have already begun shutting it down.

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have all announced that the 3G network is closing completely by September 2024.

This may not concern you if you are using modern 4G or 5G devices, but it will affect some very old iPhones (5 series, for example), some old iPads and other brands relying on a 3G connection. Here’s a list of the 25 most common devices that may be affected.


Have you thought about other systems that may rely on 3G? For example,

  • your forklift truck monitoring and geofencing system
  • those GPS trackers on your delivery vehicles
  • that soil moisture monitoring station
  • your home security and alarm system
  • that alert bracelet your grandma wears
  • the SOS and monitoring function in your older model luxury car
  • your marine safety device
  • some models of Kindle.

It’s worth checking that all those kinds of devices that communicate with a wide-area network are not using 3G. If they do, they will lose some functionality as the 3G network is closing. Vodafone has also noted that some 4G handsets may need a settings change to continue to make and receive voice calls using their 4G network.

Many devices or systems built after 2017 may not be affected and some systems may be able to be updated through software upgrades. Some may be upgradable with spare parts. Check with the manufacturer.

Although inconvenient, the move away from 3G will be beneficial especially in greater capacity, functionality and reliability and much faster data speeds.

We can help you determine if they do and can offer replacement devices using the latest 5G technology. We probably can’t help with your car or your grandma though.