Ransomware documentary series

Sophos has released a three-part ransomware documentary series that gives a good insight into ransomware.

The episodes are bite-sized (13-20 minutes long)  and they look at some of the alarming realities and consequences of ransomware and how it affects businesses and our society in general.

The first episode, “Origins of Cybercrime”, looks at the history of cybercrime and ransomware as told by cybersecurity experts, victims, and those involved from a law enforcement perspective. It examines the “dark underbelly of cyberspace” and why interconnected systems may be susceptible to ransomware.

The second episode, “Hunters and Hunted”, gets into the minds of hackers, both current and ex. It also talks to people who have been directly affected. One interview is with Torstein Gimnes Are, the CISO of Norsk Hydro. He talks about how his company clawed back from an attack.

The final episode, “Weapons and Warriors”, explores the current vulnerabilities of our digital infrastructure and the tools available to battle the threat. In reality, it is talking about 21st century warfare.

One point of interest was the statement that even if you think “Why would someone bother to attack me?”, it’s often not you they are after. If you have clients that are government departments, banks or other lucrative institutions, you may be seen as the attacker’s way in to them.

This ransomware documentary series is recommended viewing if you would like to become more acquainted with this subject. It is probably good that you do.

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